TC Business Solutions

Tom Cobb is the founder and CEO of TC Business Solutions. He set out to solve the problem of "locked-down data" – data captured by accounting systems‚ but not ultimately deliverable to end users in the way they needed it. Seeing this as the only purpose for collecting accounting data, he set out to develop the solutions needed for unlocking it. Since 2007 he has honed these managerial and technical skills while also developing a problem-solving approach that produces true process improvement.

TC Business Solutions's three person team has decades of experience in managerial accounting, functional accounting, and software development to help you solve your business needs.


Tom Cobb

  • B.S. Accounting from the University of Washington
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • 16 years of experience as a controller
  • 4 years at Noetix
  • 3 years as a Conversion Manager at Dexter Chaney
  • Founded TC Business Solutions in 2007
  • Skills: Accounting, SQL, Excel, VBA, Business Intelligence, Project Mangement

Steve Cobb

Director of Technology
  • B.S. Computer Engineering from University of Washington
  • Master of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Chico
  • IEEE Certified Software Development Professional
  • 25+ Years at Hewlitt Packard
  • Joined TC Business Solutions in 2011
  • Skills: SQL, Excel, VBA, Crystal Reports, SSRS, XML, Software Development, Project Management

Laura Bangerter

Chief of Product Development
  • B.S. Computer Science from Pacific Lutheran Unversity
  • 6 years Software Engineer at Visual Health Information
  • Founded Corvid Apps 2012
  • Joined TC Business Solutions in 2014
  • Skills: SQL, Crystal Reports, SSRS, Excel, VBA, C#, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript, Perl, Java, Solar2D, C++, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Project Management